UA3e Scenario: Cloister

A greyscale picture of a rocky beach. Cliffs appear in the distance.
A solitary abbey overlooks the ocean.

An Unknown Armies 3e one-shot, set in 17th century France.


Spoilers abound.

Cloister is an open-ended closed-room scenario that takes place over two days.

On day one, Mother Superior must leave the abbey and leaves the players to “make things more presentable”. This undoubtedly leads players to butt heads with Sister Emma, a weird little creature and natural philosopher.

On day two, the players must deal with a visiting trio of inquisitors investigating rumors of cult activity. Each PC, harboring a secret of their own, must handle them.

The only fixed points:

  • Sister Emma’s machinations and research.
  • The fate of Mother Superior.
  • The arrival of the Three.

The truth of the abbey and its mysteries are deliberately left open-ended. The PCs shouldn’t have the time and freedom to investigate the Cult of the Ocean, the mermaids in the sea, or Sister Emma’s pursuit of space flight; there are far pressing matters to content with. As is life.